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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer's Tail

At a school rock and roll concert, rock girl Moon and Manny unintentionally discovered the secret affairs between a legendary talented student Kwan and his teacher, Wai. Kwan was expelled from school as a punishment. Moon was the only person who knew that Manny was attracted to Kwan long time ago. Feeling that Manny was undeserved, Moon wished to offer help. Surprisingly and angrily, she discovered that Wai had betrayed Kwan in order to keep her job. Meanwhile, a special feeling toward the unsociable Kwan started to grow inside Moon.
Akira was another legend at school. He was the typical bad boy who kept bringing troubles to the teachers. He was full of anger towards this world and his only goal was to kick down the wall on a nearby abandoned yard. He skipped class and the incident brought his life and Moon’s together. In the meantime, he discovered something behind Manny’s calm and intelligent face.
An unusual feeling and emotion started to change, circulate, and go on within the four young people.








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